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No Man's Sky now has pilotable, jetpacking mechs

Call yours down from orbit today

No Man's Sky has received a number of transformative updates since its initial launch, including multiplayer, base building and VR support, but I think this is the one I find most exciting. The Exo Mech update, out now, adds mechs. Really cool looking mechs, if the trailer below is any indication.

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The 'Minotaur Heavy Exocraft Hybrid' is designed to make planetary traversal more fun. The mech can use a jetpack to leap and slide over large distances, and you're immune to environmental hazards while inside the cockpit. The cockpit is also fully rendered for play in vitual reality, which is of particular interest to me since I already included No Man's Sky on our list of the best VR games.

There are a lot more details on the No Man's Sky site, including gifs like the one below showing what it looks like when you summon your mech from an orbiting freighter.

Spaceships are cool, but mechs are much cooler, right?

The update brings other tweaks, including new graphics options, better looking grass, quality of life improvements for base builders, and so on.

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