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Ring ring! No Man's Sky adding new vehicle this week

A bicycle, please

A new vehicle will land in No Man's Sky [official site] this week as part of the 'Path Finder' update, Hello Games have announced. They say this mysterious vehicle "will aid home planet exploration" and we're adamant that it should be a bicycle. Space car? No thanks. Space hovercraft? Nuh uh. Please may we have a bicycle. Space bicycle? No. Earth bicycle. With a bell. Ring ring!

Hello are pretty vague about this, saying:

"We're calling it the Path Finder Update; it introduces a new vehicle that will aid home planet exploration, building on the Foundation Update to hint at a path ahead for the future."

Though I've no idea of the scope of this update, the little they do say suggests they're continuing along the base-building and settling-down line of the Foundation update. Which would seem a shame to me.

No Man's Sky is a pleasant game of pootling and pottering around the galaxy, wrapped up in an uninteresting survival game. In a game with squillions of procedurally-generated systems and worlds and creatures and sunsets, putting down roots is the opposite of what I'd want. Pip wrote a bit about her similar thoughts on the game's identity crisis following the basebuilding update. But hey, I'm only guessing here - Hello have avoided stating specifics about this update before it launches.

I would go wild for a mothership with room to build menageries and farms, maybe even creating replicas of pleasing places I found on planets. Taking my base with me, that's the ticket. But as that would be a monumental task for Hello Games, I'd settle for a bicycle. Ring ring!

[Disclosure: our own Alec Meer wrote some words for No Man's Sky. Not today. He's mostly sharing Garfield pictures today. True story.]

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