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No Man's Sky adds new default ship controls for PC

Fly me to that moon

No Man's Sky [official site] patch 1.37 has added a new (but toggle-able so therefore optional) ship control scheme for mouse and keyboard.

Hello Games say: "This option can be toggled, and changes ship controls to be cursor based, meaning you'll be able to direct your ship easily using your mouse". Pip says: "I just booted up the game and hopped in my ship, immediately becoming distracted by the new interface which is less ace piloting and more kind of like pulling a ball through the air using an elastic band?"

It might take some getting used to is what I'm saying.

Mostly I thought I'd give it a mention because it didn't feel like a navigation type I remember from any other games and that was a curious sensation. Obviously I haven't spent much time with it yet and might grow to love it/toggle back to the previous system and forget about it, but there's something fantastically and noteworthily strange about the elasticity of the input and how it makes the reticle the focus of your gaze (at first, anyway) instead of your potential destinations.

The update announcement goes on to add: "In addition, PC mouse and keyboard players can now look around the ship's cockpit by holding the ALT key. Note: This new option will be active by default, and can be toggled off by visiting the General Options menu."

There's a full list of the changes but some others which stood out to me as someone who plays are as follows:

"Added “Upload All” button on the discovery page"

"Added economy information to the galactic map for systems the player has already visited"


"Improved storms on lush planets"

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