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No Man's Sky Shows Its 18 Quintillion Planets To Colbert

"And I thought Morgan Freeman was god!"

In which Hello Games' Sean Murray - looking every inch the sleb developer, from the rumpled just-so plaid shirt to the bushy black beard - holds his own against Daily Show alumnus Stephen Colbert, as he demonstrates No Man's Sky [official site] on The Late Show. Indie games, who even are you now?

Colbert's enthusiasm for the game, or at least the tailored highlights Murray shows him, seems genuine. It's also fascinating to watch Murray attempt to explain procedural generation and the sheer bloody size of NMS' universe to him. Colbert even compares him to God, albeit the one everyone thinks Morgan Freeman is. Here's the whole segment:

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Sort of a big deal for a game which isn't made by an ultro-ginormous studio to be on a show like this, but then this has been the No Man's Sky story so far. Despite ongoing uncertainty about how it's actually going to play, it's activated pleasure spots in so many brains that it's long soared past its ostensibly humble origins.

The Colbert appearance sadly gives no hint of a release date, although Colbert lets slip a little Inside Baseball by noting that "I'm guessing it's fairly soon since you're on my show." So here's hoping this is but the first volley in a climactic promotional assault. This thing might actually be on on our electronic typing devices soon-ish, maybe, perhaps.

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