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No More Heroes 3 will slash onto PC later this year

Travis touches down

No More Heores 3 is headed to PC. The excessive, rude 'tude hack-and-slash from Suda51's Grasshopper Manufacture released on Nintendo Switch last year, and now publishers XSEED say it'll splash onto our favoured platform this autumn.

That's more or less all they say, sharing the news via a tweet:

This means Travis Touchdown's entire trilogy will be on PC, after the first two were ported to PC last year. Ed's review of the first No More Heroes found it a good time, albeit repetitive and diminished from its lack of Wii-era wanking controls.

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No More Heroes 3 apparently continues in kind. It revives the open world areas from the first game (absent in its sequel), and otherwise offers low-budget over-the-shoulder hack and slashing. It was apparently let down by the rough technical performance on the Switch, but redeemed - as many Suda51 games are - by its abundant style. I'm not sure whether you still have to poop to save the game, as you did in the original.

There are no details in the announcement of where on PC you'll be able to purchase the game, though the others in the series are available on Steam.

Grasshopper Manufacturer - who also make Killer7 and The Silver Case - were bought by NetEase last year. They said the extra resources would allow them to make bigger, more polished games, and here's hoping that's true. I will take janky games made with verve and personality over the vast majority of mainstream blockbusters.

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