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Noct: Multiplayer Survival Shooter Coming In October


Keeping your creepazoid partially concealed to sustain its scarepower is a spooking trick as old and perfect as BOO! yelling when someone least expects it. (Pretend you heard that sentence out loud to receive a spine-tingling thrill.) The makers of Noct [official site] know this. The multiplayer arcade shooter-y survival horror goes from "Oh that looks interesting" to "Oh that looks awful!" by showing everything from the eerie top-down perspective of a thermal imaging satellite. Mundane monsters become horrible pixellated amorphous masses lit up white against a grey world.

We'll all get to die together soon, as publishers Devolver Digital have announced a release date of October 22nd. They've also made a nice new trailer:

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Looks unpleasant that, dunnit? Splendid. Noct has the usual stuff you'd expect from multiplayer survival in a persistent world - scavenging for supplies, dodging NPC monsters, wondering if everyone will kill you to steal your stuff, deciding to try kill someone else just to see what it's like... the usual. Having that in an arcade shooter-y setting is a nice idea, and showing it all from that satellite perspective is a great one. I'm pretty sure I'll shoot a few people on sight simply because I see white suddenly emerge from around a corner and panic. No one said life would be pleasant in the monster post-apocalypse.

You can also play singleplayer by yourself, if you'd rather.

Developed by C3SK, Noct will be on Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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