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Spooky Shooter Noct Out... In Early Access?


I'd been keenly awaiting October 21st, 2015 for a while, and not just because it was the fifth annual International Fisting Day. That special day is also when spooky-looking multiplayer survival top-down shooter Noct [official site] was supposed to launch and... well, it kinda launched. Noct arrived in Steam Early Access yesterday, rather than as the full and finished game I was expecting - which is now due in January 2016.

Supposedly this change will let creator C3SK make more spooky things while responding to feedback, but it does sound a bit like the game's not quite ready yet either. Shame, that. It does still look pretty nice, mind. C3SK explained yesterday:

"After our successful closed beta run with you all and careful review of the feedback received, we have decided to shift Noct into Early Access to further our development of nopes. This will allow us to continue our community-led drive to expand the content and narrative aspects of Noct. We want to make the game that you the community, and us, the developers want to play!"

Their Early Access timeline does include additions like underground locations, suppressed weapons for sneakyshoots, and the ability to play as a monster, but this initial release is missing the game's third and final act. That release date announcement was a little premature, I think.

If you can't wait until January, Noct is £6.29 on Steam Early Access for Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Speaking of Noct, here's another night-y fact: wombats are mostly nocturnal. Happy Wombat Day!

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