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Non-Lethal Nerve-Punching: Splinter Cell - Blacklist

Sam Fisher of Men deviates from the assault and battery that didn't make him famous to demonstrate some of his shadowy, stealthy takedowns. It's not the kind of stealth that involves shooting a light, becoming one with the darkness and leaving a group of men trying to work out how many terrorists it takes to change a lightbulb - instead, in Blacklist young (old?) Sam crouches behind crates and then punches people in the kidneys when they're looking the other way. It may be non-lethal but there are going to be a few hospitalisations, that's for sure.

When I was a wee sprat of a lad, I used to play a game called 'DEAD'. It involved sitting in front of whatever cartoon happened to be on television and shouting 'DEAD' whenever a character would have been killed if real world rules applied. It sounds like an odd thing for a child to have spent his Saturday mornings doing when I write it down like that. But you too can be odd by playing 'DEAD' with Blacklist, the Arkham games and many others.

The possibility of accidental murders actually concerns me less than the sequence at 1.07 though. That man has effectively fallen over. He's not staying down, Sam, don't leave him like that. Punch his organs until they weep.

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