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Notoriously hard to learn Dwarf Fortress is getting a tutorial for the Steam version

I might play it now

Fantasy construction sim Dwarf Fortress is, by the admission of its designers, difficult to learn and even harder to master. That’s why the game’s Steam version will have its own tutorial. Co-creator Zach Adams has roped in a novice playtester to try the tutorial out, in the form of his wife Annie. Annie bounced off the original, not-so-visually-appealing version of Dwarf Fortress. Yet, says Adams, the tutorial seems to be working to help Annie ease into the game at last.

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Dwarf Fortress has always been awkward, but the Steam version is trying to cut down on that.

“There are a lot of base-building games out there now, enough to make Dwarf Fortress easier to get into,” Adams said in an update about the game on Steam. “After one failed attempt with the original, the latest version of the tutorial allowed her to get good enough at the game to tunnel under a bog and drown her fortress.” Nice one, Annie. I don’t think I would’ve fared as well. It’s good to see the devs are trying to make the game more accessible.

“Our aim is to make this level of play achievable by anyone,” Adams said. “We want the world to be able to lose this game and have fun doing it.” The developer noted that publishers Kitfox Games are planning to start a series of video tutorials to help new players learn the Steam version of Dwarf Fortress. You can read a little more about Annie’s attempts at learning the game, and see some screenshots from the tutorial, here.

We placed Dwarf Fortress among the best RPGs you can play on PC. The Steam version might not be out yet, but long-time player Graham nearly wept when he saw its updated UI last year. Kitfox’s refinements for the Steam release are being catalogued in regular updates and videos, including a recent one where Adams showed off the new menus and art while taking his fort’s bins out.

Dwarf Fortress is steadily making its way to Steam, but a release date hasn’t been set in stone. I’ll update you when one’s announced.

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