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Nuts, the first-person mystery about surveilling squirrels, is out

Nuts showing now

Nuts is out. That's an elegant phrase I enjoy saying out loud, and it also happens to be true. That's Nuts, the first-person mystery about surveilling squirrels to find out what the bushy-tailed sneaks are up to when you're not around.

From trailers, the game looks like Firewatch. You're in woodland, there's a woman's voice at the end of a radio, and you're investigating a mystery. They're very different games beyond that, however. Here the mystery is explored by positioning cameras to chart the squirrels' activities during the day, then reviewing the footage from your caravan at night. It's all presented in the striking flat colour style you see above, too.

We've already got a Nuts review, and while somewhat positive, Nate didn't love it. Specifically, he found the repeated repositioning of your camera equipment involved a lot of slow trudging:

Rinse and repeat. And repeat. Often, I ended up having to go and rearrange my cameras a dozen times in the course of a single mission, and it got dull quickly. There were a few hidden surprises to find along the way, but these were consolation prizes, rather than motivators. Inevitably, my playtime boiled down to an hour of story, padded out with masses of schlep.

Still, it's the only game about spying on squirrels out today, and Nate had praise for its environments, its sound, and much else.

Nuts is out now on Steam, Itch and Humble (and other platforms), and currently discounted to £13.16/€14.27/$17.

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