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NWN2: Westgate Now Less Mysterious

We didn't talk much about RPGs last year, but they keep on cropping up recently. Elf-cravings are biennial, presumably. Due soon is a new Neverwinter Nights 2 premium module/expansion, Mysteries of Westgate. Scoundrel port Westgate is of course one of the Forgotten Realms' most notorious cities, and also the name of an air conditioning-bereft open-plan office I spent two sweaty years of my life in. My Mysteries of Westgate were more along the lines of which bastard drank all the coffee or left urine-sodden toilet paper all over the bathroom floor.

Er... Anyway! New video beneath the cut.

Word is MoW really playing up the narrative element of NWN2, and this footage from its introductory sequence suggests it also takes itself very, very seriously.

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Sages! Lizard men! Ruffians! Sea serpents! And an oddly abrupt endin

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