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Observer and Alan Wake's American Nightmare are this week's Epic Games Store giveaways

Night watch

It's Thursday again, meaning its time for Epic's ongoing cycle of free games to tick over once again. This week's offerings are grimy cyberpunk horror Observer and bizarre spin-off Alan Wake's American Nightmare. That'll be that sorted for some low-lit thrills, then. As per, you've only got seven days to grab these freebies before they slink back into the shadows from whence they came.

Besides starring that Rutger Hauer off Blade Runner, Observer is a tense crime thriller with high-tech sleuthing and gorgeously grainy visuals. Set in this decrepit tower block in far-future Warsaw, it does the state-mandated cyberpunk thing of selling a society gone down the shitter quite well. Former RPS chum Adam quite liked Observer, calling it "the Cronenbergian cyberpunk game I never knew I wanted" in his Observer review.

The other half of this week's package, Alan Wake's American Nightmare, is an odd'un. Alan Wake was a fairly straight Steven King horror about a jackass writer dealing with spooky goings-on in the woods. American Nightmare, meanwhile, is a self-aware arcade spin-off surrounding alternate worlds, an evil twin, and the band Kasabian. What?

That's a lot, and American Nightmare arguably doesn't quite pull it all off. It's not the greatest piece in Remedy's back-catalogue, but for zero bucks, it might be worth checking out a strange oddity from the folks who'd go on to make the brilliant Control.

Both Observer and American Nightmare are free to nab until Thursday, October 24th from the Epic Games Store. Next week's free fare is an odd pairing of Qube 2 and Layers Of Fear, a 2016 spook 'em up from Observer devs Bloober Team. Two weeks in a row, guys? Don't get greedy.

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