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Obsidian are making a new game and/or trolling us

Pillars 2 or Fallout 4.5?

'Project Louisiana' is the name of oft-revered RPG studio Obsidian's next game, they've revealed, along with a graphic implying farmlands and a quote about facing up to some grim reality. Now, last summer rumours flew that a 'Fallout: New Orleans' was in the offing, based on an unverified and subsequently removed European trademark registration.

A whole mess of people looked at Obsidian expectantly, given that they were behind - don't mention the war - well-received Fallout 3 spin-off New Vegas. They all but shot down the idea - but now they've pointedly codenamed their new'un after New Orleans' home state.

Farming, 'Project Louisiana' and talk of waking up to a world that God won't save - sure sounds Fallouty, don't it? But, let's be clear here, it probably isn't. They're more than likely teasing us by deliberately giving something else a codename that will set tongues a-wagging.

The smarter money would be on this being the announcement of a sequel to their own-IP RPG, Pillars of Eternity, which Obisidan did confirm was in production last May, but stopped short of deeming that to be a Pillars 2 announcement. It does seem a little odd to conjure all this mystery around a game we already knew was happening, but hell, hype is hype.

Another option is a sequel to their other self-owned series, Tyranny, though this seems less likely given that game didn't achieve anything like the impact of Pillars or Fallout NV. Which leaves yet another option - something brand new. That's certainly what I'm most in favour of, but a horde of Pillars and Fallout fans say otherwise, 'course.

If you need more and don't mind it being totally made-up, Obsidian are hosting an official Project Louisiana forum, which is filled with all the breathless speculation and frightening meticulous analysis of the sole piece of released artwork that one might expect.

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