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Octogenarian dating sim Later Daters releases its first episodes

Chase that silver fox tail

Getting older doesn't mean you need to hang up your dating game. We've all seen Golden Girls, right? (Disclosure: I have not seen Golden Girls. Is it sexy?) New dating sim Later Daters walks you through the uncertain waters of post-80 dating with a bit of warmth and a bit of humor, just as the doctor ordered.

You play Later Daters as the newest resident of Ye OLDE retirement community after having vertigo and a bad fall, prompting your doctor to recommend that living on your own out in the country isn't so safe. "Later Daters makes the bold claim that adventure, passion, and transformation are not experiences reserved for the young," say Bloom Digital Media.

I'm totally here for another slightly unexpected dating sim scenario—as we've already tackled dads, birds, and soon pets. It looks like there will be an element of silliness, what with Later Daters' slogan "if the chairs are a-rockin', don't come a-knockin'."

There's probably a bit of bitter-sweetness too. You'll choose your face, name, and pronouns are you're wont to do in dating sims but you'll also choose your romantic history. Based on Later Daters' trailer up above, it looks like your protagonist will have a deceased spouse no matter which background you pick. Many of your potential partners are likely in a similar situation, making for a dating sim that's as much about love lost as love found.

Later Daters' first three episodes are out now, beginning with one about tracking down your pet when it escapes from your new domicile. You do get to choose whether your companion is a cat, dog, or robot, which is good fun. Episodes two and three appear to revolve around social clubs and a group movie night, how spicy! The second half of Later Daters is planned for release later this year.

You can find Later Daters on Steam where it is currently 18% off until April 23rd. It's normally priced at £5.79/€6.59/$7.99.

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