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Six Years Later, Developers Fix Munch's Oddysee Port

Hell, it's about time

You know that saying better late than never? It's an odd one, especially when you've kinda forgotten about a thing and then suddenly one day the developers are like, "Oh, remember that port of that game we released six years ago that wasn't so good? Yeah, we're fixing that now." That's exactly what's happening with Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee [official site] The farty platformer kinda stank (and not in a fun way) when ported to PC back in 2010 but has now received a new port aimed at fixing most of its problems.

If you're like me, you might be raising your eyebrow cynically and wondering why now, but according to the developers over at Oddworld Inhabitants, this improved port is coming purely from the heart. "We simply wanted to make right with the community," an Oddworld spokesperson explained to PCGamesN in an interview. "We still have a little way to go—we'd love to get the multi-language videos and subs in there too, for example—but the reaction has been good so far."

When Munch's Oddysee was ported to PC back in 2010 after original releasing on Xbox in 2001, it had a host of problems including instability, with many players unable to even get the darn thing running. From the initial wave of feedback over the new port, which has been in beta testing since February, the new version seems to be running much better and with some nice bells and whistles.

The exact details of what's been improved are detailed here, with big ones like being able to play at 60 FPS, more detailed characters and environments, and support for wider range of aspect ratios are a great touch. There's also the inclusion of Steam trading cards and achievements if you're into that sort of thing. You can even switch back to the old version of the port if you want to contrast and compare.

To help engender a bit more good will on a late fix, Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee is also 75% off on Steam, so you can pick it up for a low $1.25/£1 for the time being. The Oddbox bundle is on sale too.

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