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On The Buses: Cities In Motion 2

Cities In Motion makes me feel queasy. Not the game itself, the title. Can you imagine how awful that would be? Buildings bobbing up and down, roads undulating as you tried to drive on them, children's playgrounds drifting toward dangerous back alleys. And on a larger scale, York might crash into Harrogate, and there'd be carnage. Cities should stay perfectly still, thank you. But my cries are not heard by Paradox, who've just announced Cities In Motion 2.

Of course the motion is the games' focus on transportation. I misunderstood for comic effect. Due some time next Summer, the plans appear to be to expand upon what made the first game popular, and do it better, with co-op and multiplayer. There will also be a day/night cycle, timetables, and what they're calling "dynamic cities" - see, they're going to start crawling around, Mortal Engines style. I don't want to fall out of London!

The "teaser trailer" does no such thing, instead wasting everyone's time with some maps apparently drawn in crayon. Don't bother watching this:

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Hopefully there will be some sensible footage soon.

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