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One of Sonic's most beloved 3D outings is now available on Steam

Sonic Colours: Ultimate is a 2021 remaster of a 2010 Wii game

Sonic Colours was first released on Wii in 2010, prompting Sonic fans to declare, "hooray, Sonic is good again!" and non-Sonic fans to declare, "alright, fine, I agree this one is OK, but can we now talk about something else?". Sonic Colours: Ultimate upscaled the graphics and added a new mode when it released on console in 2021, but seemed to also add new bugs in the process.

As of today, Sonic Colours: Ultimate is available via Steam after a period of Epic exclusivity.

Here's last year's launch trailer:

Cover image for YouTube videoSonic Colours: Ultimate – Launch Trailer

You'll find Ultimate available via Steam, where the speedy hog costs £24.49/$27.99 with a 30% launch discount.

Sonic Colours: Ultimate is a 3D Sonic game, but not in the sense of last year's Sonic Frontiers. Instead, the camera takes up position to view the action either from side-on or from behind Sonic, depending on whether you're in a platforming section familiar from the old 2D hogs or whether you're charging along a track at high-speed, dodging obstacles and smashing enemies.

The bad news is that it currently has 'Mixed' reviews, with Steam players criticising Ultimate's bugs, slow load times and a new lighting engine which apparently makes some levels look worse than they did in the 2010 original.

Some of those things are subjective, of course. When Ed played a preview of Ultimate on PC back in 2021, he had a good time - with some caveats. "This seems like a strong HD remaster, it's one of Sonic's most universally liked games, and it still has everything that was popular with fans on its original release. If you already know about Sonic Colors, you probably already know if you'll like Ultimate. But me? After this preview I can't shake the feeling that Sonic would be better off committing to just one way of going fast," he concluded.

Would it be a Sonic game without caveats? Probably not.

Correction: This article originally stated that Sonic Colours: Ultimate was new to PC. It is not - it was previously released via the Epic store and is only new to Steam.

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