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OneShot is out on Mac and that’s nice for you, Dan

So don't miss your chance to blow

Hear ye Mac users, heed my blowing horn of low-key game news. Meta-heroic RPG OneShot is now playable on your fruit-powered computers. It’s the story of a cat-eyed girl who carries around a lightbulb, which she thinks is the sun, through a dark world of broken robots and abandoned shacks. But it’s also about you, since the characters are aware there’s a god in the sky who sees everything, and they have no qualms about talking to that god and sometimes even manage to know your name without ever being told. Isn't that weird, Dan?

Oh, you're not Dan? You're David? Well, I tried.

The MacOS version has come to Steam, publishers Degica said yesterday, and a Linux version is also being made for “the near future”. This is an adventure that plays tricks on your computer, with prompt pop-ups and other fourth-wall-breaking occurrences, like the aforementioned spooky name-knowing. So a port may not be as straightforward as it would otherwise. However: “We've gone to great lengths to make sure the game plays as close to the Windows version as possible,” says Degica.

John adored it when he wrote his OneShot review. So let’s peer into the great John orb to see what he thought.

I’ve never played a game like OneShot. I’ve played rather a lot of games, too. It’s also been a really long time since I’ve cared about a game’s main character quite so much, to the point where decisions really mattered to me. Which is rather a lot to say of a game made in RPGMaker. But then this is a game that does stuff with that cutesy engine that I would never have thought possible. It does stuff with my PC that I didn’t know games could do. This is quite the thing.

Big talk, John. I wonder if Steve here believes you. Anyway, you can get it on Steam for £6.99/$9.99.

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