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Order Of War, Coming Right Up

As Britain's foremost expert on real-time strategies, it's my pleasure to bring you these three videos of the forthcoming Order of War. I mean, what can I say about the RTS, and the role this game plays in it? Well, "War", that sure implies there will be battles, and they certainly do require strategy. And you can't be strategic without some manner of order, I'd imagine. So I think we can all agree, it definitely is an RTS, and they are games that people like. And they have tanks in them. And something about resources. Look, everyone else is out, okay. More helpful information below.

Published by Square Enix, working alongside Wargaming.net (Massive Assault, Galactic Assault), this is a PC only WW2 RTS. Much appears to be traditional at this stage, featuring two single player campaigns set in 1944 (US vs. Germany and Germany vs. Russia), as well as all the expected multiplayer modes. There's promises of cinematic intensity, and perhaps more interestingly, of a far larger scale than others of its ilk. Up to one thousand units under your control at any time, and what's described as a dynamic camera to allow this geographical spread to be manageable.

While I clearly have a limited idea what I'm talking about, I'd say the obvious comparison so far is Company of Heroes, which has yet to be matched in terms of intense, frantic action. Take a look at the videos below and speculate whether you think Square Enix's first Western game will match or beat it.

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