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Our former Brendy has a new video games podcast, starting with Spelunky and Death Stranding

Hey, Listen!

Brendan Caldwell, formerly/currently-ish of this parish, has launched a new video games podcast of his own and it sounds: well good. It's named Hey, Lesson! and uses video games as a way into talking about the real subject behind them, with actual experts rather than just, y'know, podcasters. He's released the first three episodes in one blast, talking about Spelunky 2 and actual spelunking (and which animals get lost in caves), about The Last Of Us Part 2 and a post-humanity world, and about Death Stranding and our cravings for social media 'likes'. It's a solid podcasting premise, that, and Brendy is quite great.

"Basically, it's a show where we talk to clever people about silly videogames (and sometimes even smart ones)," Brendy explains on the podcast's site. "We might speak to a professor of infectious diseases about the brain parasites of Baldur's Gate 3. Or we might talk to a caving instructor about the animals you find in Spelunky 2. But whatever our topic, we also chat about the game. It’s half a celebration of videogames, and half an investigation of planet Earth."

He's had some familiar guest co-hosts, including Matthew Castle and Paul Dean. Each episode has a written transcript too, if you like that sort of thing. I want to hear the raw Caldwell, me. I've missed him in the RPS treehouse.

You can find Hey, Lesson! on Spotify, iTunes, Stitcher, and all sorts of other podcasting places listed on its site.

Brendy's running a Patreon to help fund it, where at least $2/month will get you the unedited interviews with experts.

We still have our own podcast, mind, the Electronic Wireless Show.

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