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Out There Chronicles choose-your-own-adventure coming to PC

I'll see you out there

Mi-Clos Studio's Out There from 2014 is a roguelike that can be devastatingly harsh, set in a lonely, mysterious universe. That's where most of the harshness comes in, after all. You take up the role of an astronaut who's just woken from cryogenic sleep far from our solar system. Along the way you discover ancient alien relics that assist you in your journey, but their origins aren't ever really explained. Out There Chronicles [official site] takes you a million years before Out There and brings the fledgling universe of the franchise to life, and now it's headed to PC.

I found a lot to love about Out There Chronicles, personally. Episode 1 takes a step back from the roguelike elements of the original game and plays out instead as a choose-your-own-adventure. The simple interface, reminiscent of Sorcery!, makes the game easy to jump into. The artwork by Benjamin Carré is absolutely beautiful, and if you're a hard sci-fi fan, this visual novel is a real treat.

The PC version will come with new animations and a new interface.

Out There Chronicles hit Android and iOS this summer but Mi-Clos Studios is bringing it to Steam in early 2017. You can pick up the original Out There roguelike on Steam now.

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