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Outriders inventory wipes possibly continuing after wipe-fixing patch

Square Enix are investigating reports

Yesterday, Square Enix said they were "confident" that a new Outriders patch had fixed the 'inventory wipe' bug which had deleted some players hard-earned guns and gear. The bug has previously evaded attempts to fix it but they really thought Thursday's patch had nailed it. So, uh, some players are still reporting wipes post-patch. Squeenix are asking for reports to help figure out what's going on in the looter-shooter. Which might delay their efforts to restore lost items.

Squeenix said that Thursday's patch "addresses the bug that has, since the previous update, been causing the inventories of certain players to be wiped." It wasn't intended to actually restore lost items, mind - that'll come later. They added, "While we are confident that the patch will prevent inventory wipes in future, we do want to use the weekend to continue monitoring the situation and ensure that no more players are encountering any related issues before we move onto the restoration process." Well! A few players have reported fresh wipes after the patch. Oh dear.

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Seeking to understand the situation, Squeenix have instructions and questions for reporting "edge case" wipes. Are these wipes which actually happened before the patch? Are they players not understanding that the patch wouldn't restore lost items? Are they players panicking over a confusing issue with connection troubles which can make items temporarily invisible but reappear safely after a restart (an issue Squeenix say they plan to address)? Some reports do seem to be misunderstandings. But some... some do seem to be fresh permanent wipes suffered despite the patch. Squeenix are pursuing those people to investigate further.

Square Enix do plan to return lost items to players - though they might not have the same stats. They said yesterday that "restoring the inventory of affected players is still our highest priority." That'll be done server-side, without a patch.

Our Outriders review said People can Fly's looter-shooter "is a wildly entertaining time, especially when you get glimpses of the sarcastically gory fun of Bulletstorm peeking through. But the loot mechanics aren't bewitching enough, or its action varied enough, or levels surprising enough, to sustain the momentum needed to send me back out in search of better space-trousers, no matter how legendary they may be."

If you are happily playing still, undaunted by the prospect of wipes, our Ollie wishes to recommend what he considers the best Outriders Trickster builds.

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