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Outriders crossplay is back, but inventory wipes remain

Better keep a close eye on your belongings, that bug refuses to budge

Looter shooter Outriders hasn't had the smoothest of starts, with cross-platform play being borked since launch, and a bug that's wiped player inventories. A recent patch has re-enabled crossplay, but the inventory wipe bug still lingers.

Outriders wasn't in good shape a few days after it arrived, with one big issue being an inability for players to Out-Ride with their friends across platforms. Well, a recent patch has fixed this connection issue, so PC, PlayStation and Xbox folks can all band together once again.

Unfortunately, a bug that's wiped player inventories still remains, albeit at a greatly reduced rate. "Additional preventative measures" were deployed soon after the crossplay patch which should mean inventory wipes won't occur as frequently as before, but it's still recommended to keep your wits about you.

The devs advise, "The moment you notice that your gear has disappeared, immediately force close the game, then reboot it." While it's not guaranteed to save your stuff, they say it's a "potential prevention method", which is mildly comforting, sort of? Not really. But it's good to see that the 'turn it off, then turn it back on again' strategy remains a go-to in all manner of situations.

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In a Reddit thread, the devs say that this bug seems to occur more frequently if you've started a multiplayer session from the Expeditions Outrider camp. So they recommend steering away from doing so while they figure things out.

A mass inventory restoration event is still planned, but there's no date just yet. It's worth noting that this event will only restore the most valuable tiers of lost items, and that restored items may not have the exact same stats as lost items. This last detail is sure to irk those who secured "god roll" weapons only to lose them to a wipe. There's a chance those guns will be restored, but without those optimal stats.

And if you're an Outrider who's experienced many of these launch woes, you may have an "appreciation package" to collect if you've not logged in over the last few days. It's a gift that contains a legendary weapon and some other goodies, as a thank you from the devs for sticking with the game despite all its troubles.

In the meantime, it's worth keeping an eye on Outriders' Twitter page and their inventory wipe info thread for any updates.

Our Outriders review said it's "a wildly entertaining time" but "the loot mechanics aren't bewitching enough, or its action varied enough, or levels surprising enough, to sustain the momentum needed to send me back out in search of better space-trousers, no matter how legendary they may be."

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