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Outriders launching big update this week, first expansion next year

Transmog, new missions, and more for free

Square Enix had said that Outriders was successful enough for them to justify expanding upon it, and so they shall. During a stream today they announced a big free update is coming to People Can Fly's looter-shooter on Tuesday, with a full expansion to follow in 2022. This week's free additions will include new Expeditions and a transmogrification system so you can make your wizards look all fancy.

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Arriving Tuesday, the New Horizon update will be free for all. It'll add four new Expeditions in new areas, add Transmog, rebalance and fix various issues, hand out some free armour, add transmog, and remove time limits from Expeditions while rescaling rewards based on how long they are.

"Previously, rewards for Expeditions were granted based on how quickly you could complete an Expedition," the devs explain. "For most players, this meant forcing themselves into a specific DPS meta that stifled build diversity. We want players to play Outriders the way they'd prefer to, without needing to be worried that their playstyle would be punished by a timer."

But the real endgame of any looty game is fashion, so it's good that Outriders is adding transmog. Players will be able to change the appearance of their clothes and weapons (including sounds) for free and "practically at any time" just through a menu. All items you find will be added to your Transmog Library, as will any currently in your stash and inventory, then all characters account-wide can draw from this for their l@@ks, with unlimited uses per item.

"As we do not have the requirements of a live service game, we do not need to rely on a system like Transmog to nickle and dime players," they say. "This is why we've made it as simple, straightforward and player-friendly as possible."

Lookin' at you, Destiny 2.

The update is due to launch by 5pm (9am Pacific) on Tuesday. See this huge infodump for more info on everything.

As for the expansion, it's named Worldslayer and is due to launch sometime next year. Squeenix say they plan to reveal more about what it actually is in spring 2022.

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Our Outriders review said it "can be wildly entertaining, but the loot mechanics aren't bewitching enough, the action varied enough, or the levels surprising enough, to sustain the momentum." I know it tickled the murderfancy of a few Destiny retirees, though.

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