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Ultimate Audio Bang podcast: what do we make of Halo Infinite's multiplayer?

It's a thumbs up from us, Chief

This week's episode of the Ultimate Audio Bang is, once again, all about the big releases. Battlefield 2042's in a bit of state, so we talk about the many patches scheduled to fix it up. We've also heard that those banned in Call Of Duty: Vanguard will be banned across the entire series, which is nice. Halo Infinite's multiplayer surprise launched and Outriders DLC appears out of nowhere too. Imogen rounds off the news with her Apex Legends ranked update. Has she reached the platinum dream?

Imogen also pointed out that we've been doing a weekly theme, that isn't really a theme. Instead it's more a point of interest, so we've renamed it a Point Of Interest because that's vaguely FPSey. Anyway, we chat about Halo Infinite's multiplayer and how it makes me (a longtime fan) and Imogen (new to Chief) feel.

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And to round things off, I present three strange player names I've encountered on my FPS travels. This time we discuss piss and learn a naughty Scottish word.

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Activision Blizzard have started a new board to improve the company's workplace culture, amid several new abuse allegations. Despite calls for CEO Bobby Kotick to be removed, he'll be one of the people in charge of the operation. Despite employees having staged walkouts and petitions calling for his removal, he's still sticking around.

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