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Overwatch's D.Va stomps into Heroes of the Storm


Mech-piloting, Dorito-munching pro gamer D.Va has joined the cast of Blizzard's free-to-play crossover MOBA Heroes of the Storm [official site], arriving just a few weeks after Genji. If you know her from Overwatch, you largely know how she works in HotS, because abilities translate fairly directly between the two class-based games. She stomps around in a mech which has shields and boosters and which she can set to self-destruct as a bomb, and she can scamper about on foot popping people with her pistol. Here, have a look in this trailer:

Cover image for YouTube video

Yup, that's D.Va all right! I do like the look of combining the thrusters move with self-destruct to turn a bomb into a rocket.

D.Va arrived on the American servers yesterday and stomps into Europe today. The update also rebalanced a few heroes and introduce map pool rotations.

Blizzard have reduced the number of maps in the matchmaking pool from thirteen to nine, planning to regularly rotate maps so it doesn't get stale but players aren't overwhelmed. Three times per season, they'll shake up the pool. Blizzard explained their decision in a blog post last week:

"[. . .] we've heard some players express concern with feeling overwhelmed by the growing number of Battlegrounds. Asking players to manage 13 unique event timings, strategies to defeat large monsters with varied abilities, or memorizing the optimal path to collect doubloons can feel like quite a lot."

Head on over here for full details on today's patch.

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