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Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 Biting Into September

Four ghost trains

Patrick Mann has been hard in training and is returning this September for another crack at the title. Bandai Namco today announced Pac-Man Championship Edition 2, a follow-up to the unexpectedly and unreasonably good spin-off from their dot-gobbler. It barely resembles ye olde Pac-Man, and it is also very loud and colourful. Good video games. When Championship Edition 2 arrives in September, Pat will be battling bosses and all. Have a gander in the announcement trailer:

Cover image for YouTube video

I'm not sure about the blocky art style but yes, I want to taunt those ghosts and chase that fruit. As you can see, Championship Edition is about zipping through mazes drawing the attention of ghosts so they chase you then building a huge train until you're ready to bank the points and chomp down on a huge chain. As mazes grow more complex, trains stretch out, and the game speeds up, it becomes mighty tricky.

So what's new in the sequel? Bamco explain:

"Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 features new eye-popping 3D mazes with unique visuals, a wide variety of dynamic mazes, the new ability to bump ghosts, and the addition of intense giant sized ghost boss battles. Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 will also build upon Pac-Man Championship Edition DX’s 'Chain Eating' mechanics by enabling fans to build up to four ghost trains before chowing down for maximum chompage points. Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 returns with the fan favorite Score Attack mode where players need to gather as many points within a specified time and a new Adventure mode that will have players chasing fast moving fruit, battling big bad bosses, and experiencing fun new ways of playing Pac-Man."

Four ghosts trains. Who doesn't want four ghost trains? And in the game.

Word of Championship Edition 2 leaked last month but now it's official.

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