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Procedural Lovely Landscapes: Panoramical Next Week

With Proteus music man

I've seen Panoramical [official site] at a fair few events over the years (including some I was involved with) and always been entranced by its morphing landscapes and soundtrack. It's a... thing where you fiddle with parameters to influence procedural stylised landscapes and music, going from quiet, murky waters to glorious rainbow skies and bouncy good times. Seeing as I have no events on the horizon, I'm delighted that it's finally coming out - on September 17th. Here, watch this pretty trailer:

Lovely that, innit? Panoramical's made by Fernando Ramallo and David Kanaga, the music man who tickled our ears in Proteus. Yes, all you do is fiddle with different landscapes and scenes and music and scene, changing colours and sizes and shapes and goodness knows what else. It is great. It's all skies and mountains and waves and ice and cities and concrete and trees and dreams and yes I like it. You can go hog wild making everything flashy and exciting, but I once happily spent ten minutes perfecting an eerie deep sea scene with just the right amount of weed.

When I've seen it before, it's been played on a MIDI mixer fiddling with the knobs and sliders, but it'll also work with game pads and mouse and keyboard. It'll be on Windows and Mac.

Here, check out these two brief fiddlings with scenes:

Watch on YouTube

Watch on YouTube

[Disclosure: a former flatmate and fellow member of The Wild Rumpus has contributed a scene to Panoramical, a pretty cool Brutalist estate. I also once had a breakfast with folks including David Kanaga, where I was quite tired and mostly became cross about the concept of brunch and 'doing brunch' - hey, try waking up earlier and having breakfast, brunch doesn't make you daring or cosmopolitan.]

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