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Paperback Right-Angler: And Yet It Moves

Ooh, you aren't half going to like this one, unless you're horrible. You're not horrible, are you? It'd be a shame if you were. I picked this'un up via PC Gamer's Twitter, which suggests the latest social networking fadette has a useful purpose after all.

And Yet It Moves is almost a meta-indie game, combining (probably coincidentally) elements of Fez, Braid, Shift, World of Goo, Gumboy and Narbacular Drop to create a beautifully-realised physics platformer with character and inspiration that's all its own.

Additionally, it's the Robotronesque control set turned to a whole new purpose - WASD moves your character, while the cursor keys rotate the game-world. Navigating the pseudo-hand-drawn levels escalates from simple running and jumping, through rotation to create safe egresses, to doing both at once - Portal-esque momentum-management, building up a head of steam then rotating the screen at just the right moment to ensure you land where you need to.

First time through, it's simply about mastering the increasingly challenging levels (gravity is your major foe); second time around, it's about speedruns, working that familiar-as-sandwiches dual-control setup with fluidity and grace to charge through with a minimum of moves and rotations.

Simplicity and cleverness in classy abundance, and that's just from the free demo of this former student project - the full thing launches (with a pricetag- there's 10% off Steam preorders currently) on April 2. Which is about when we'll be writing about it at far greater length, I don't doubt. Here's a trailer to watch while you wait for the 37Mb demo to go through its inexplicably lengthy decompression process:

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And Yet It Moves Teaser from mml on Vimeo.

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