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Paradox announce Surviving The Aftermath

Surviving Mars follow-up goes post-apocalyptic

Living on Mars? Easy. Even that meme idiot might be able to do it. But living on Earth? That's a challenge. Especially if you're not one of the self-important squillionaires planning to piss off to another planet (or Middle-Earth) once we fully ruin Earth. So after offering the easy future in colony-building management sim Surviving Mars, Paradox today announced Surviving The Aftermath. They describe it as a "post-apocalyptic survival colony builder" and... that's about all they have to say right now. That future, eh?

That really is about all they'll tell us today. Expect more during PDXCon, their annual fan convention, on October 19th. They don't even say which kind of apocalypse we'll face. Climate change? Cataclysmic earthquake? Meteor strike? Zombies? One deity or another pressing their personal reset button? Friendly ol' nuclear armageddon? Either way, I assume we'll be trying to build a wee settlement in a hostile environment.

Surviving The Aftermath is due to launch "in late 2020" on Steam and the Epic Games Store. It will go through early access before then, mind, running through Epic's store "later this year." So Epic get exclusivity during early access, other stores get it when it's done? Alrighty.

Our former Alec (RPS in peace) seemed to enjoy life on Haemimont's red planet last year in his Surviving Mars review, with some reservations. It needed extra time and a good few patches and additions to really fix it up, as our Nate said this year when reviewing its Green Planet expansion:

"If it had launched in this state (even at a higher price), my hand would have slammed that Bestest Best sticker all over it. Even now, it’s a marvellous realisation of an SF fantasy, even if it's taken fourteen months to get there. But then, Mars wasn't terraformed in a day, was it?

"Surviving Mars, it turned out, was little more than a plucky little rover, diligently raking the regolith to make a place for the main rocket to touch down. Now, however, the eagle has landed, and it's a bloody lovely bird."

I am now thinking about a lovely bird.

Surviving Mars will be free for keepsies later this week on the Epic Games Store, from October 10th to 17th.

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