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Paradox CEO Rocks: Lionheart Soundtrack

As you may know, Paradox are publishing the new game by King Arthur developers Neocore. This is a normal event in games development. However Paradox CEO Fredrik Wester has put his musical skills into play by co-producing a series of femme-vocal pop-metal metal for the soundtrack. This is less normal. We had to talk to him and reveal the tracks, all of which will be available to anyone who pre-orders. For those who are about to click, we salute you...

RPS: First question first - what made you decide to record songs for Lionheart?

Fredrik Wester: We wanted to spice up the Lionheart trailers with some new music. I think people are bored to death with bombastic classical music trying to emulate 1492 from Vangelis, I know I am. People can be divided into two groups: those who love Heavy Metal and those who are yet unaware they love Heavy Metal. This was our basic thoughts when creating the music.

RPS: What made you decide that epic modern rock was the correct sonic mood for Lionheart? Did you consider any other genres? Or is it pop-metal 4 ever?

Fredrik Wester: Our inspirational sources have primarily been 80's Heavy Metal like Dio, Yngwie Malmsteen and Ozzy Ozbourne, but also modern Metal like Nightwish. Generally I think this kind of music goes well with battle, and it seemed like a natural fit with about half of the team being pretty hardcore metal and hard rock fans. It could change for upcoming titles though, it just seemed especially appropriate with Lionheart..

RPS: People seemed to like the hard-rocking in Stalins Vs Martians - in fact, probably more than the game. Lionheart appears a more serious game than Stalin Vs Martians - though, admittedly, almost anything is a more serious game than SvsM.

Fredrik Wester: Stalin vs Martians was more Russian-inspired Euro-techno while this is old-school Heavy Metal with the traditional band setting: guitars, bass, drums and vocals. Lionheart is indeed a game where we've put a lot of effort and should not be mixed up with Stalin vs Martians when it comes to ambition.

RPS: Can you talk about how you got into music?

Fredrik Wester: I played drums for 11 years, three of them in a Death Metal band, when I was younger and have always been into music, mostly Metal. I'm also a big fan of opera, rock and jazz. I always have music in the background when working, normally high paced music, but opera and classical work well for the more administrative type work.

RPS: What was it like recording the songs? Who else is in the band?

Fredrik Wester: My primary task was co-producing, the band is a number of talented musicians from all over the Stockholm area that just formed under the name Echoes in Eternity; we'll see how the reception is for the songs recorded and after that decide our future plans.

RPS: And are you considering touring? E3 would be a lot more interesting with more CEOs who rocked out.

Fredrik Wester: I'd love to go on tour with the band, from what I've seen touring looks much more glamorous than the normal meetings I attend at E3 or GDC. Anyone who'd like to book the band is free to contact me!

RPS: Thanks for your time. Continue rocking out.

Lionheart - Kings' Crusade will be released in the second quarter of 2010. Also, there is further rocking out here. Which won't embed for some reason. Go Holyland!

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