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Parkitect Kickstarter Trailer Revives Old Theme Park Vibes

Ready the vomit comet.

When we last covered Parkitect, it was but a dream in the GIFs of its development log. Now it's a dream on Kickstarter, with substantially more images, GIFs and details for the Theme Park-like theme park management game. It's already raised $14,505 Canadian dollars towards its $50,000 goal with 26 days left on the clock, and the trailer below is well-worth a watch to see the team's progress thus far.

I am surprised to see a quote from me at the start of this trailer, but it's true: it's a surprise that in this age of re-makes, reborn genres and Peter Molyneux, it's taken this long for someone to spiritually revive the vomit and deadly rollercoasters of Theme Park.

The Parkitect devs have been working on the game for free thus far, but break down where your money will go through on the Kickstarter page. There's a pie chart and everything. I'm particularly fond of the section on stretch goals, which begins, "NONE. We want to make one, excellent game. Stretch goals run the risk of over-scoping the game and causing financial problems. We've decided against them after researching successful projects." Given how many Kickstarter projects stumble, or produce a lesser game, because of stretch goal-incurred feature-creep, it's good to see more designers standing firm.

It's also equally good to see them put out some sort of demo, albeit in "interactive trailer" form. It uses Unity's browser plugin to let you mouse around an in-motion, in-game world, though it's otherwise not controllable and has no sound. Still - nice to see some greater representation of the current state of the game.

$15 gets you a copy of Parkitect when it's done, $20 gets you access to their rollercoaster sound library (!), $40 gets you a pre-alpha build "a couple of weeks before Early Access", and you've got 26 more days to decide whether this is worth your Canadian dollars.

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