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Upward Bound Platformer Path To The Sky On Steam


Path to the Sky [official site] is 'up' on Steam Early Access, and 'up' is about as close as I can get to wordplay for this game about platforming your way up a set of platforms floating among the clouds, fighting enemies and gathering treasures as you go. There's a new trailer below.

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We've covered Path to the Sky a couple of times before, the first time in 2014 when its GIF-laden devlog caught my eye. Since then it's undergone a heavy-outlined art remake, which I think makes it less pretty than before, but I'm still interested in it for the procedurally generated levels, chaotic-looking combat and the cute way the grass wobble and waves beneath your feet.

This Early Access release will set you back £7/$10 and contains "the first 3 stages of islands, including bosses, monsters, items and traps", with at least 3 more stages due to be added between now and the game's final release. There's no fixed date set for that final release.

It looks like from the developer's Twitter account that one of the first added features will be proper controller support, though JoyToKey seems to work in the meantime if you're shy of keyboards.

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