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Path To The Sky Is A Cloudbound Roguelike Platformer

Sky dungeons

We covered Path to the Sky in July last year when the procedural platformer was but a set of GIFs in its creator's eye. Now it has progressed to the state of a teaser trailer, which shows wallhopping and bow-and-arrow combat as its square-shouldered hero tries to climb higher and higher into the sky.

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I missed out the obvious word in the introductory paragraph: roguelike. Path to the Sky gets harder as you ascend higher through its procedural levels, but application of the r-word presumably means that when you die, you lose the character upgrades you've discovered along the way. It looks a lot to me like another set of r-words, Risk Of Rain.

The game's devlog has only been intermittently active since we last wrote about it, though it does have a few other details:

You are a force knuckle pilot and propel yourself towards the Sky through aerial combat. The higher you manage to climb, the harder the enemies and challenges will become. The world is being generated around you as you move, there are no doors or portals to higher “floors”. I am trying to create a fun game for short but challenging rounds of arcade gameplay. Controller highly recommended.

And it's coming to Steam upon release. Isn't the grass in all the GIFs through on the game's site still just the cutest?

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