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Pay Up: King's Bounty Games Released On Mac

For non-Mac folk who care not about this news, the first footage from Warriors of the North, next in the King's Bounty series, is below. As for me, I had no idea the Macficionados among our readership had been deprived of the strategic silliness that is the rebooted King's Bounty series for so long. Back in 1990, when the original game graced the never-bettered DOS, it was also available on the Apple II, although the history of our hobby being so inexact at time, I can't be sure that release was simultaneous. A bit of research might help but that's not what I'm here for. My task at present is to inform you that King's Bounty: The Legend and King's Bounty: Armored Princess are now available on Mac.

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It sure does look like another King's Bounty game, although I'm hoping it's more like Legend than Armored Princess, which was more traditional in setting and lost some of the odd appeal of its predecessor.

Some scholars believe that Alec is playing The Legend right now, so charmed was he by its surreal take on the often grim and serious land of pointy-eared woodland folk that is the fantasy genre. It's a game about which he wrote this - "Purchased a tiny castle that I carry around in my pocket. On demand, I can shrink to doll-size and wander around it." To be fair, Alec has a vivid enough imagination that he told me that's what he did last weekend as well, but in King's Bounty it's actually something that happened.

The Legend and Armored Princess are both available through the app store and through Steam.

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