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Five-O! Payday 2 Calls In New Mini-Boss

Meet Captain Winters

You know you're doing well when your foes start breaking out custom equipment and specialists to stop you. For Big Boss, that may mean body armour and snipers. For the Payday 2 [official site] heisters, well, they're already going up against heavily-armed and armoured police forces, so what could ever hope to stop them? Enter Captain Winters, a new mini-boss sort of enemy added yesterday with the FPS's latest free update, The FBI Files.

Cause enough trouble on a heist and Captain Winters will roll into town. He's a tough git, arriving on the crimescene surrounded by a horde of chaps with extra-big shields and giving everyone a defensive buff that grows stronger the longer he stays, so you'll want to scare him off sharpish. The aforementioned crowd of heavily-armoured chaps with megashields might make that difficult.

The update also brings a new inventory system, which looks a lot prettier, and a smattering of bug fixes. Plus, for lorelovers, you can root around the computer of a chap brought in to help shut down the Payday gang with Winters' help. It's a load of stats and profiles, basically.

Here's an animated short introducing the update:

And here are some folks who encountered Winters:

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