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Pay To Be A Sweary Lady: Payday 2 DLC Blast

Clover, the first female Heister

I'm torn. On one hand, I would very much like to play as a lady in Payday 2. On the other, I don't want to support the foolishness that is selling the only female character for £4 as DLC. I still feel a bit of a wally for buying Killing Floor's lady zombie-shooter. But I do like how the Payday gang's female member, Clover, is a sweary, excitable Irish lady (hey, this link will make loud noises). Ah, I'll decide later. This week also brought a new DLC heist, but it doesn't sound like a great buy.

I do like that developers Overkill decided to add a female character as, you know, for obvious reasons I kinda like the option to play as a gamelady. I get that a lot of work - and voicework! - went into creating Clover but paying to feel remotely represented in a game makes me mutter and grumble. Clover's pack does also bring a new perk deck, the stealthy Burglar, and new weapons, but £4! And given that Payday 2 only allows one of each characters on a team, really you're paying for a chance to play as her. Mumble grumble. It's on Steam if you're less indecisive than I.

Meanwhile, £5 would get you the new Diamond Heist, a crack at stealing a cursed diamond. Steam user reviews suggest it's small and not very interesting to replay.

I only started playing Payday 2 a few months back but I've been enjoying it a lot. I would like to play as a sweary Irish lady. I would not particularly like to pay £4 to do so. Hmm! Perhaps if it came with The Diamond Heist too. Here's the weird setup for that:

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