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Payday 2 brings back Heat Street, launches trial week

Welcome back, chummo

Co-op heist shooter Payday 2 [official site] has brought back the first game's Heat Street mission (as in the movie Heat, not the website Heat Street). It's a long firefight moving through city streets in the aftermath of a double-cross, not a copy of the movie's famous scene but quite fun. The level has arrived as part of a new update, which is being dragged out across ten days and ten mini-updates in the usual Payday way. The week to come will bring another new heist and a new mode but, for now, all and sundry are invited to heist in a week-long free trial of the full game.

Heat Street sees the Payday gang fighting through city streets to escape a heist gone wrong. You can't stealth it, you can barely hide at some points, you must keep moving (and escort an NPC at times) towards new objectives, and the rozzers seem to pour in from all over. I just had a go with the AI bots and had a blast.

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This comes as part of Payday 2's The Search for Kento update, which is being spread out across ten days. Still to come are a new mode, new skins, something listed as "visual mode", new AI and cosmetic features, a new weapon, and a new throwable doodad. The final part is due on Wednesday, April 12th.

If you fancy a crack, swing by Steam for the trial. A 75% discount currently brings it down to £3.74/4,99€/$4.99 for keepsies. The DLC is on sale too; I've dropped a couple quid on characters and weapon packs myself. If you play with pals, remember that only one of you need own a DLC heist for the whole team to be able to play.

I do dig Payday 2 and still play a heist or two with the meatshield AI bots every so often. I've never got much into online play because it's a game where newcomers can hugely muss up the round for everyone, yet there's no good offline play or tutorial to really teach advanced techniques and practise teamwork. Some teams have been quite understanding and helpful when I've explained I'm new, but I wish I were less of a burden.

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