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Spring Break Forever! Payday 2 Update Parties On

With a new Scottish lady

Ooh, they do like a bit of spectacle, that Payday 2 [official site] lot! Developers Overkill Software split the latest update over nine days, which I must confess is long enough that I sorta lost interest and stopped paying attention. But! The Spring Break update wrapped up on Saturday, out and done and ready for us to play with new heists, masks, weapons, mods, a second female character, and more. Unlike the first ladyrobber, Scottish bruiser Bonnie is free for every player - huzzah!

One new heist has folks cooking meth for as long as they like, fending off the rozzers and carefully following the recipe lest the house blow up. Another's a visit to a car showroom to grab fancy expensive cars. Lastly, the Hoxton Revenge heist follows on from the Hoxton Breakout mission and sees the Payday gang cracking a safe house to get the informant who grassed up Hoxton.

Then there are new weapons in Bonnie's shotgun and whisky bottle, the new 'Gambler' perk deck, new akimbo weapons, new mods, new crosshairs, new daily and weekly 'Challenges' offering unlocks and cash, and glimpses of things to come. Oh, it's a lot, just go look.

Nine days and many small patches rather than one big one did seem excessive to me, but perhaps I'm being grumpy because because each Payday 2 update chews my hard drive for about 30 minutes after downloading. I'm not entirely sure what it gets up to, but my PC isn't keen on it. I'm quite keen to yell at people in a thick Scottish accent, though. The female Payday members have pretty great accents and dialects - Clover had a fine sweary Irish voice too.

Hey, here's someone playing as Bonnie, to give a sense of what she's like:

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