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Permission To Learn: Dota 2's Tutorial Widens

Look at me, I'm a Dota 2 player! I just killed my first... Cara, is that a creep? Hooray, I killed a creep! And now I'm going to something something the other somethings. Oh, alright. You got me. I am a fraud. I've had Dota 2 on my PC for six months now, and all I've ever managed to do was watch a few matches and click around on the interface. It's brick wall to me. A beautifully animated and intriguing brick wall, but nonetheless rather stubbornly impassable. But with Valve about to launch the game to everyone and anyone, they've just added an honest-to-glob tutorial, adding plenty more sections to the paltry single map that served as an introduction. Did Dota 2 just become welcoming?

Joining the Dragon Knight's paltry introductory instructory is an additional six missions, walking through the first steps of the behemoth. It includes new map and mechanics that have been designed to lull the player into the complex mechanics of tower defense and the like. The final tutorial level is the first time new players will be able to play against humans, who have all just reached the end of the tutorial. I'd imagine this little group will be the most pleasant gathering of Dota 2 players you're likely to meet. Who knows, perhaps one of those tutorial players will one day be included in a video celebrating magnificent lane, er, jams?

I'm going to give it a go. If it can introduce me to Dota 2, it can introduce anyone.

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Alas, Dota 2 bot. Your time is nearing an end. Via PCGamesN.

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