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PES 2014 Features Headbonk! Tech & F.A.R.T.S, I Think

Foot-to-ball Game C is releasing its annual update at a point in the future, alongside Foot-to-ball Game B and Foot-to-ball Game A.

Sometimes PES is better than FIFA, and sometimes FIFA is better than PES. I lose track, but I imagine there are people who get cross with the people who think one is better than the one they think is better. But what I can tell you is that Pro Evo Soccerball 2014 is going to feature Trueball Tech and M.A.S.S. Features!

This is their ludicrous way of saying the next iteration of the game is in a new engine. Trueball is, well, the ball moving around as people kick it. MASS is Motion Animation Stability System, which manages to be both tautological and oxymoronic at once! Which is a good effort. It's a system for calculating bodily contact, which sounds rather impressive, if entirely unnecessary. Look, you can see it all in action in a way that you'll never actually see when playing the game, which will be top-down like always.

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