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PES 2017's free Trial Edition joins in online PES League


Our Adam will tell you that Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 [official site] is a cracking game but one you really should play on console rather than PC if you can. For whatever reason, the PC version is still uglier and jankier. But if PC is your only option, you might fancy a punt at the free Trial Edition released today. It has the usual 'play matches with a few teams and kick a ball around in training' demo jazz but also lets everyone into the PES League online competition, which kicks off a new season in December.

The Trial Edition is now up on Steam. Here's what Konami say you'll find:

"The Trial Edition allows the user to play matches with nine fully licensed teams from both club and national competitions. FC Barcelona, Arsenal FC, and Club Atlético de Madrid represent the cream of Europe, while Boca Juniors, Club Atlético River Plate, Sport Club Corinthians Paulista and Clube de Regatas do Flamengo showcase the South American talent in the full game. The German and French national teams are also available, giving a spectacular cross section of talent and playing styles to the novice PES player.

"Matches are played within stunning recreations of the Camp Nou and Neu Sonne Arena, and the PES 2017 Trial Edition also allows full access to the Skills Training section, as well as access to the new dedicated PES LEAGUE mode. The in-game PES LEAGUE mode has been created to make accessing the Official PES eSport competition much simpler."

For more on what is and isn't in the Trial Edition, look this-a-way. Letting Trial players compete online is pretty neat, both as something everyone can do for free and to top the League up with new players.

For those who are interested in the full game, PES 2017 is down to £25.99/32,49€/$25.99 in the Steam autumn sale.

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