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Pet the VR cats of Kitten'd or they'll destroy everything

What adorable little... no! No don't poo there! Oh god!

I am not surprised to hear of a virtual reality game where you play with cats. Nor am I surprised to hear of a VR cat game where the furry devils will destroy things when your back's turned. I am both surprised and delighted to hear of a VR cat game where sometimes the cats are kaiju-sized and will destroy a city if you insufficiently entertain them. That's Kitten'd, an arcade petcare game which today left early access to fully launch. I don't own cybergoggles (and goggs don't even work on me) but I am happy to see these pests.

Cats, as you can see, have happened to you. Many cats. Almost too many cats. With a wee horde of the darlings let loose in your dwelling, you'll need to pet them, feed them, play with them, distract them, buy new cat tools, and clean up after them - or else. It's an survival game in the arcade sense, I suppose, with a timer ticking down as we try survive having our feline friends break things, claw up furniture, poo on your bed, somehow start fires, or even destroy whole towerblocks in the city levels.

It's made by Star Vault, the folks behind... wait, hang on, that can't be right... no, no they're definitely the studio who made Mortal Online, the serious sandbox MMO that Brendy (before he was our Brendy) diarised in This Mortal Toil.

After a year in early access, Kitten'd today hit version 1.0.0 and left early access. It's on Steam, the Oculus store, and Viveport with a small launch discount making it £9.11/€9.99/$11.99. It works with Vive, Rift, Index, and Windows Mixed Reality cybergoggs, and a PSVR version is coming for PlayStationeers too.

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