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Disgaea Devs NIS Bringing Phantom Brave To PC

What's even left?

Phantom Brave [official site] will be the next old JRPG that Disgaea publishers NIS bring over to PC. It started in PlayStation 2 in 2004, jumped to Wii in 2009, then PSP, and will finally call round our way this July. This is beyond my area of expertise but our chums Eurogamer quite liked it on PS2 and they seem sensible sorts - they label leftovers in the fridge, I bet - so sure, cool. Also, it sounds like it's about duffing folks up by summoning ghosts into trees and starfish? I'm in favour of that. I may be misunderstanding.

As you'd expect from that era of NIS games, Phantom Brave is a turn-based, top-down tactical battle-y RPG. Protagonist Marona is a mercenary with the ability to see phantoms, and here's where I get hazy. So, every object on the battlefield can be a weapon, and you can summon and confine your ghost buddies to briefly turn objects into troops on your side, and also you can throw things at people, and you can level up items and... Say, reader dear, if you played Phantom Brave, do tell us what you made of it, won't you? Do you fancy revisiting it twelve years later?

NIS America have opened signups for beta testing, if you want to help. (No, this isn't me trying to harvest your personal information - they tweeted the link and everything). Given the sorry state that NIS launched PC port of 2003's Disgaea in, hopefully this is a sign they've learned from their mistakes and will do better this time.z

Phantom Brave will launch for Windows through Steam on July 25th, this trailer says.

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