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Phasmophobia just got even spookier with haptic suit support

I cannot wait to watch people get freaked out by this

Phasmophobia is scary enough as it is. I've been playing for months and I still sometimes squeal like a small child when a ghost chases me. I won't ever muster the courage to play in VR and I will never, ever have a desire to play wearing a haptic suit. I'd really like to watch someone else do it though. For you absolute horror fiends, Phasmophobia has just added support for Bhaptics Tactsuits for some extra jumpscare fuel.

For now, haptic suit support has been added to Phasmophobia's opt-in beta brach. As tends to be the case with Phasmo changelogs, the notes aren't terribly specific. "Added support for bHaptics tact suits and face covers. Full implementation will be a gradual process over time however the majority of haptics are in," Kinetic Games say.

If you're not familiar with them, you can spot the tactsuits over on Bhaptics' site. It's a snazzy futuristic vest with "40 individually controllable vibro-tactile motors," they say.

When will haptic feedback happen in Phasmo? During ghost hunts? When ghosts appear in front of you? When they murder you? Finding out firsthand is the magic of playing Phasmophobia's beta branch, which is still the scariest way to play in my opinion.

Watch on YouTube

I couldn't resist digging around to see who'd tried it out though, so I'm going to spoil a bit of it here. Over on Phasmo's development Trello board, one player says they've tried it out. They say they've gotten feedback while walking, seeing a ghost, taking pills, using a walkie-talkie, and standing in the rain. Alas, not while being murdered though.

Like VR, a haptic suit sounds way too spooky for me. I'd never use it myself, but also like VR I'd really, really like to watch other people get frightened by it. I get so much joy playing Phasmophobia with my pals who have VR headsets, watching them scuttle around and do silly things like stand on their tiptoes to look in the windows of a farmhouse. I'm pretty sure none of my friends have one of these snazzy Bhaptics Tactsuits though so, uh, to anyone who does: wanna be buddies?

For my fellow Phasmo freaks, there are some other changes that also came with yesterday's beta branch update. Ghosts now have a chance to blow out candles while they're nearby. There are several new objectives too, one being for detecting a ghost's presence by candle extinguishing. At long last, crucifixes will now have a visual change to indicate that they've successfully stopped a ghost hunt rather than just disappearing. As ever, you can find full beta branch changelogs in Phasmo's Discord server.

Good luck out there, ghost hunters.

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