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Pip And Alice's Sims 4 House (Alice Is A Jerk)

Living next door to Alice

Ages ago (last year) I built a Sims 4 house for Alice and me to live in. Which is healthy and normal. Then I forgot about it. I have just remembered so I booted up to see what Alice and I would get up to.

A quick note before our story commences, though. I quite like The Sims 4 but it's not great for telling stories that you aren't the constant director for. I'd far prefer to just set up the house and leave it running to see what happened but as far as I can tell this iteration of the franchise requires your involvement for pretty much any big decision regardless of the level of autonomy you've awarded. That's why this story is about a day or two in our sim house rather than a full life lived. I mostly controlled Pip. This is the story of trying to make friends with Alice...

FIRST! Here is our house:

I gave Alice a lot of outdoors personality stuff as well as a pond in her room. Instead of enjoying the pond room she wants to go fishing in the middle of the night:

I must therefore eat night breakfast alone:

I confide in Gemma Dinosaur that Alice doesn't seem to want to be friends. Gemma Dinosaur is now my friend:

Alice doesn't like her outdoors time taking her away from videogames so she plays them on her phone all the time. This is exactly like real life. She'll tell you she was at the pond but what she means is that she was sat next to the pond playing Bejeweled:

Alice then eats breakfast alone at dawn because of staying up all night playing games:

Her friends come over because Alice is popular:

I try to become friends with Alice by being friends with her friends. Alice picks up a book and walks off to read:

Eventually her friend wanders off so I go play with my dollhouse. It is lonely sometimes.

I talk to Gemma Dinosaur about the situation:

I go back to the living room and try to have a conversation with Alice. Alice laughs at her book and continues ignoring me:

OH NO THE FRIEND STILL HASN'T LEFT. I try to fit in so I make a cake for everyone. Alice is unhappy:

The friend FINALLY leaves but Alice just wants to stare out of the window and, say, not clear up the mess from when I had to fix the fridge:

Gemma Dinosaur is my best friend now:

After a night of sleeping I come into the kitchen. Is Alice making breakfast for us?

No. She is chiselling breakfast for one onto her own plate.

I decide I am okay with cereal:

Finally! A proper conversation with Alice!

But then she wants to go outside. Maybe she will be more friendly with me if she is happy so I make her look at a tree. This is too much "outside" for Alice and she takes out her phone and goes back to playing videogames:

I make lunch alone but I make it for both of us just in case we are friends now:

Maybe making lunch alone is okay because then no-one knows that the pepper fell in it:

The perfect crime:

But Alice didn't come back so I ate alone:

BUT THEN! she came in and took a portion just as I finished. Maybe we can be proper friends tomorrow?

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