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Planetary Annihilation Beta This Month, Out December

In other months-old news, EARLY ACCESS TO PLANETARY ANNIHILATION COSTS $70. That's $20 down from the original asking price, but still: yikes. Here's hoping the beta asteroid surfs into reasonable territory - away from the alpha's orbital space base in Ludicrous Land. If nothing else, it'll be bringing some pretty immense new features to bear when it goes live later this month. For instance, interplanetary war, which is kind of what the whole game is about. More details below.

Barring any unforeseen delays, Planetary Annihilation's beta should be just around the corner. Uber's crunching quite hard to make sure it happens on time.

"Beta is the word of the month over here, as the team marches towards that release. You poke your head in the office for just a few minutes and undoubtedly you’ll hear it a couple times. We eat, sleep, and think beta -- which, by the way, is safer than it sounds."

"Our current timeline is to see the beta released later this month. And as we’ve mentioned before, the beta has some cool mechanics and concepts that you haven’t experienced in the alpha. Like, say, interplanetary war. And colonization. And blowing up planets. So much stuff."

December, meanwhile, is the goal for full release, which is looking ever more doable given that the game already has everything from Mac and Linux support to a custom planet and system editor.

That's good news, seeing as it all sounds extremely tantalizing - even if the current price tag is not. Despite that, is anyone in the alpha right now? How's it been? Is it living up to the promise of Uber's original Kickstarter?

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