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Planetoid Pioneers sets out from early access on February 8th

Pensioners in space

What are you going to do when you retire? Maybe you'll travel, or go and study something you find interesting just for the sake of it. Maybe you'll find a nice lake to sit next to and do some crocheting. Sadly, one option that isn't available just yet is to hop in a rocket and set about exploring new worlds - unless you count playing Planetoid Pioneers all day.

The geriatric protagonist of this physics-driven Metroidvania-like is riding that rocket out of early access on February 8th, as you'll learn in the trailer below. Brendan (mostly) had a blast when he tried the game last year, so you may just want to join him.

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I haven't played it yet, but I do like the sound of harvesting, building and blasting my way through physics puzzles with a friend or two in tow.

Brendan took a look at it last September. It turns out that while you might start the game as that OAP, the first time you die (at least in the build Brendy played) he gets replaced with a robot - so what he actually spent his retirement doing was 'being burned alive by a flamethrower'. Maybe crocheting isn't so bad after all.

Brendy actually preferred playing in robo-form though, and describes the game thus:

"To put it another way, it’s about getting from A to B while being a clumsy crash test dummy who can barely control his own flailing limbs. When I say “physics-based” I don’t mean “it’s like Limbo”. I mean “not a single twitch or shuffle will go unseen by this wobbly, Caligulan physics engine”. Your body is completely enthralled to the gravity of this world. Far from feeling responsive or weighty, it’s the comedy keystone upon which the whole thing is shakily reliant".

In bonus news, Data Realms' first game Cortex Command will be available for free from February 3rd-4th on Steam.

Planetoid Pioneers comes out of early access on February 8th, but you can pick it up now on Steam and the Humble Store. That edition will also get you access to the editing tools when the game releases, but if you just can't wait to start designing items and whatnot then you'll want to buy the more expensive contributor edition.

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