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Plasmagasm: Endless Space Disharmony DLC Out 

Step one to making a nice space game: make space. Step 2.: make things that fight in space. Step 3: decide on the genre. Step 4: DLC! Lovely 4X Space strategy series Endless Space has already gone through the first three steps of that plan, but as everyone knows nowadays games aren't complete without a scab of DLC forming on their flawless skin, and Endless Space is particularly pretty so it'd be highly noticeable. It's characterful to have scars, and today is the day that Amplitude Studios launch the Disharmony DLC to scrape up its good looks. A trailer explaining what and why is below.

It introduces the community-voted on crystalline "Harmony" race to the game's warmongers, a race that are attempting to eradicate Dust from the universe: it's a plague to them, but a unit of currency for other factions. I would like to know people who are allergic to money, as I'd selflessly offer to take it off their hands.

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I've only just found out that the race were selected by the community, who not only vetoed another race from the expansion, but also get to guide the game's development roadmap. All the other add-ons have been free, but this is the first paid-for. Have they tempted you into buying it?

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