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Play Borderlands 2, See XCOM: Rezzed Revs Up

Perhaps you would be mildly interested in seeing the handsome men of Rock, Paper, Shotgun strolling by the sea in Brighton, or perhaps you are more interested in being among the first in the UK to play Borderlands 2? You could also see XCOM: Enemy Unknown in action, with a 15-minute demo being presented by one of the brains behind the game. But where and when do such wonders occur, I hear you ask. The clue's in the header image. Rezzed, the two-day PC-only show arranged by Eurogamer with assistance from these parts, offers this and much more. It takes place on July 6th and 7th at the Brighton Centre, and tickets are available now.

The new additions to the schedule slot in alongside already announced playable games, including Prison Architect, Aliens: Colonial Marines and Xenonauts. Lots of aliens then.

On top of that there will be a full schedule of developer sessions with the likes of The Creative Assembly, the Indie Stone and Stainless Games, the latter discussing their just-this-minute Kickstarted reincarnation of Carmageddon.

Our previous coverage of the announcements is here and tickets (£12 for one day, £20 for both) can be found here, along with more information

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